The Amazing Devil

This was the second time I worked with the Amazing Devil. The shoot took place in a woods in Kent in January 2018.

The audio for this used my full setup with 18 recorded channels. The video was originally intended to be multi camera but in the edit we decided to just use the single gimbal shot.

Joshua Burnside

This is a much simpler on-location shoot using my more smaller setup that I can move around London easily. This setup allows for up to eight channels, although only two are used here. The video features three cameras, two fixed on tripods and one handheld.

Keston Cobblers Club

This is fairly typical recent studio shoot for two people. Dual vocals, clip-on microphone for the guitar and an additional mic to capture the tambourine. The video here used five cameras all on tripods, four completely fixed and one on a pan-and-tilt.

Velvet & Stone

I’ve always described the studio as fitting two people comfortable and four people uncomfortably. This what uncomfortable looks like. It’s harder to make everything look nice but it is just about workds. In this video the violin mic has an extra windshield as she had to play standing right next to the AC unit.

Vanessa Anne Redd

This video shows the ‘piano’ I used in the studio. The actual keyboard is a Casio with pedal-board, but the sound is a Native Instruments Galaxy Vintage D. I do have a few other virtual instruments as well, including other pianos and a Rhodes.