For Folk’s Sake Sessions

The For Folk’s Sake Sessions are my original and most active session project.

I take pitches either directly from artists or via agent by email at Please put “SESSION” in the title to make it easy to find amongst all my bulk PR email. If I don’t reply within a week give me a nudge.

Please provide some example music and an idea of when you’d ideally like to record or publish. Please note there can be gap of several weeks between recording and first publication.

There is no charge for these recordings.

Booking priorities

Anything in the (broad) musical scope of the site is fine. That includes: traditional, contemporary or alt folk, singer-songwriters, roots & country. Or music that contains elements of those things.


The default is to publish a single song, although sometimes longer sets are available.

Normally, we’d record at least more song then I intend to publish and I’ll provide rush mixes of all. You can then choose which performance(s) best represent you, and those get the full video edit. I can provide the files for the rejected song if requested, and you’re free to use them as you wish once the official videos have been published.


Each session will appear on the main site, YouTube and as Facebook native video.

Facebook is our main social platform as we see the best results there and we run Facebook campaigns to help exposure.


BY default, for 1–3 musicians sessions are recorded at my studio in South East London.