Zoe Konez Returns

I’ve just published a new session video with Zoe Konez, which you can see below. Zoe has been in before, and although she’s not the first person to return what makes this interesting is that Zoe was the very first person to do a session with me, and comparing the two really shows the distance… Read More »

Goodbye To DIY Site Building

For the past few years I’ve built duncanmartin.com off a set of tools I wrote myself, culminating in a system named Parakeet. The idea was to allow really easy page generation (to encourage blogging) and efficient static HTML output. It didn’t work out and I’ve given up on the idea and embraced WordPress. What worked… Read More »

NP-F Batteries for the Zoom F8

Following on from my previous post about powering a Zoom F8 I decided I did want a more serious solution than the USB step-up adapter and end-up with a different kind of adapter. This time I tried a Hawk Woods DV-SQNR which converts Sony NP-F style (aka L-mount) batteries to a 12V Hirose connector. The SQNR has a maximum… Read More »