title: Parakeet: Config Files

Everything in Parakeet is controlled with config files. These files are a combination of configuration and data store. For example, the timestamps of file updates are stored in the config files.

Each piece of content will have a config file generated. The default naming scheme is name.parakeet, e.g. index.page.parakeet

Parakeet will also find files with a leading dot, e.g. .index.page.parakeet


When this manual describes something being set in the “content configuration file” it refers to the configuration file associatd with the content file being discussed.

The “site config file” refers to the site.parakeet file in your src directory.


If the config file for a piece of content doesn’t contain a particular variable, Parakeet will search up the directories to find it.

For the file src/content/project/hello.page the following config files will be checked (presuming they exist):


For example, the default author name, set in site.parakeet, may be “Fred Bloggs” but by setting this variable in project.parakeet to Joe Bloggs the authorship for the whole directory can be defined.