Parakeet: Build Modes

Parakeet includes the concept of build modes which alter the behaviour of the site building process.


parakeet --buildmode draft

Draft mode is the default build mode when you just run parakeet. This is the mode you’d normally use when developing your site.

  • Output files go to output/draft
  • Images are not optimised for size
  • CSS and JS are not minified
  • Links to index pages include index.html in the path, to make local navigation easier
  • All content is built


parakeet --buildmode release

Release mode builds the site in a way closer to final production usage. It includes extra checks on content.

  • Output files go to output/release
  • Images are optimised for size
  • CSS and JS are minified
  • Links to index pages do not include index.html in the path
  • Content not allowed to be published is excluded

The last point enables content not yet finished to be excluded. In the appropriate content config file you can set:

  allow = false

Note that excluded content cannot be linked to from included content.


parakeet --buildmode publish

Publish mode builds the site ready for uploading.

  • Same build rules as release
  • Updates timestamps
  • Runs publishing command

This mode will set the publication time (if not already set) and will set an additional updated time if the content has changed since last publication.

The brave can set a publication command to run automatically after the build:

  cmd = /usr/local/bin/rsync -a %%OUTPUT_DIR%% server:public_html