Parakeet Blogs

To create a blog just start adding content under the blog directory, by default this is /blog. Each blog post should have its own directory.

A blog of two posts could look like:


Within the post directory you can have subdirectories for images or other resources as normal.

Differences to normal pages

  • Output directory determined by publication date
  • Generation of index page with post summaries
  • Previous and next navigation links on each page
  • ATOM feed of all blog posts

Output location

When the site is generated the blog posts will be output to a directory based on their publication time, e.g.


Until the first publication (i.e. use of the publish build mode) the dates part of the path will just be draft.

Referencing blogs

Blog posts can be referenced like any other content, e.g. <a href="/blog/my-first-post/">, but you can also use the blog pseudo-protocol, e.g. <a href="blog:my-first-post">


The follow entries apply to the main site config file.

  # Directory for blog posts
  dir = /blog
  # Options for the post list
    # Number of posts per list page
    # -1 is unlimited, i.e. all posts on one page
    per page = 10
    # Number of posts to show summary for
    # -1 is all posts
    summary = 10