Addressing content in Parakeet

Any address used in reference to another resource, e.g. <a href> and <img src=...>, will be parsed by Parakeet.

Content within the site

Addresses can be relative to current location, or absolute versus the site root. So a link to the home page is <a href="/">. The address in the generated HTML may be relative or a complete URL depending on the renderer settings.


You should always reference the original file, not the name that will be generated. The address of the home page is / and not /index.html

Content outside of the site

Addresses starting http or https are taken as network locations. The output address may be to a location within the site dependening on the internalisation rules.

For local files file:// links can be used. Do not use file:// for referencing content within the src/content structure. That would just get confusing.

Special protocols

The blog: protocol is used to reference blog posts.

The theme: protocol can be used to reference content from the current active theme.