Parakeet: Features


  • Static site generation (no code execution required on server)
  • High Google usability scores
  • Managed through plain text config files


  • Simple markup language that combines Markdown, TWiki and new syntax options alongside HTML
  • Dead-link detection at build time
  • Permalinks and quicklinks


  • Pages tagged as blogs have prev/next behaviours and index page of summaries etc.
  • Support for category and series tags
  • ATOM feed for whole blog and for individual category and series properties


  • JPEGs optimised for size using jpegtran
  • PNGs optimised for size using optipng
  • Images nominally hosted on external sites can be cached to local site according to various rules
  • Images can be inlined with HTML according to various rules


  • Generation of HTML5 audio tags
  • Single input file transformed to mp3 and ogg for maximum browser compatibility


  • Minification of CSS resources
  • CSS files can be inlined with HTML according to various rules


  • Simple minification of JavaScript
  • Control over whether JavaScript is loaded in the header or footer
  • Ability to reference jQuery from CDNs
  • JavaScript files can be inlined with HTML according to various rules


  • Twitter and Facebook sharing icons (no JavaScript)
  • Twitter and Facebook metadata for optimised rendering when sharing links


  • Supports themes which supply CSS, JS and image resources
  • Theme definitions can request extra div and span tags to be added to normal source
  • Easy inclusion of licence data at bottom-of-page to comply with CC and similar licences