musadd is a simple utility to add files to a music collection, using Audio::BunnyMusicFile.

It’s not the prettiest of software, but it works.


Run with musadd followed by the files you wish to add, e.g.:

musadd file1 file2 file3
musadd /download/*.mp3

musadd is designed to add an albums worth of data at a time. You don’t have to use it that way, but it will make your life easier if you do.

Details file

musadd will open a text file with the file details. If you have multiple files data common to all files will be shown in the top section and then a section for each file with specific data and overrides.

A simplified file is shown below:

option content: digital
option class: [none]

tag album title: Write about love
tag album year: 2011
tag track artist: Belle and Sebastian
image album cover front: [present]

file: 04.mp3
tag track number: 4
tag track title: I want the world to stop

file: 05.mp3
tag track number: 5
tag album title: Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John
tag track artist: Belle and Sebastian
tag track artist: Norah Jones

The option content field specified which Content the file should be added to.


If an image already exists in the file the image field will show [present]. To remove an image remove the field, to replace it change [present] to the location of the new image (either a file location or URL).

Class override

The details file contains a class line, which by default is set to [none]. This means the files are copied to the destination Content, changing only the tags and images.

By changing the class to the name of a Class, the file will be encoded before adding. This is useful when adding a format that has poor metadata support, e.g. wav.





Set the default Class


If set will force settings appropriate for a compilation album


Set the default Content


Specify the text editor to use


Will attempt to guess missing file metadata based on file location (On by default)


If set will edit the file where it is and not move to a (new) Content


Installed as part of musutil.