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Just over a year ago I started generating this blog not with Wordpress but with a Perl script. The first version, DmBlog was a dirty hack but proved the point. I then expanded this script into DmSite which was capable of building my whole site.

DmSite worked, just about, but was pretty creaky and in no way could be used by anyone else. I decided it was worth a bit of a refactor to tidy it up and the resulting project is Parakeet.

Since I discovered the Google PageSpeed Insights metrics I’ve been tweaking my blog output to maximise the score. Recent design changes mean I’m now scoring very well on these tests.

A few months ago I described how I switched this blog from Wordpress to my own static blog generation tool called DmBlog. DmBlog was quick and dirty but worked really well, and was a big improvement in usability over Wordpress.

I also found the generated site method really useful for making design changes easily and performing invisible tweaks to the output HTML. I wanted to extend DmBlog to also cover the non-blog sections of my site.

I’ve put some effort into redesigning this blog to make it more readable.

The previous design was (mostly) fine on 10" tablets or desktop devices but was pretty useless on smaller screens where devices would have to render in desktop mode, requiring the reader to zoom and scroll. On a 5" inch phone it was just about usable in landscape, but hardly pleasant. I wanted to do better.

This is a meta-post, a blog post about the blog. I’ve made a few changes in terms of design and implementation, hopefully for the better. The design changes were partly inspired by Matt Gemells’s post and partly by other, strongly expressed, opinions.