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Of all the equipment I use as part of my session recordings, the clip-on microphones I use for acoustic instruments generate the most interest from performers. So, I thought it was worth putting a post together with a bit more detail.

I went on holiday in the summer and knowing that the best camera is one you have with you I took my smallest M43 setup, a Panasonic GX80 and 12-32 pancake zoom. I then failed to take any pictures with it, and instead used by phone the whole time.

Following on from my previous post about powering a Zoom F8 I decided I did want a more serious solution than the USB step-up adapter and end-up with a different kind of adapter. This time I tried a Hawk Woods DV-SQNR which converts Sony NP-F style (aka L-mount) batteries to a 12V Hirose connector.

I picked up a Zoom F8 recorder to improve my on-location recording experience. It seemed like the right time, the F8N is now out and shops are selling off the F8s much cheaper even though the new version is 99% the same (and certainly not worth 50% more). I even got a free bag.

Having bought a F8 a gentleman’s thoughts will turn to how to power it.

A while ago one of our For Folk’s Sake session participants mentioned they were thinking of hiring a PR agent to help with their promotion and asked if I had any opinions or recommendations. At the time I had nothing, but it did get me thinking on the subject and thought I’d share.

As 2017 is almost over here are some thoughts on my first full year of recording sessions for For Folk’s Sake. FYI, this is going to be quite behind-the-scenes rather than talking about the music as such.

I recently picked up a Tascam DR-70D as part of a solution for lightweight session recording for For Folk’s Sake.

I can drag my full audio setup around with the help of a rolling Peli case but it’s not much fun. Partly it’s transporting the interface, but on top of that the laptop, with a power adapter and a safety extension lead. So I decided to try using a field recorder instead.

I’ve been using a pair of Panasonic GX8s, primarily for session videos, for a few months. I’ve written about the GX8 before, but now I’ve now added a GX80 I thought I do a quick comparison of the two, as well as sharing some initial thoughts.

Because a man can never have too many hobbies, a few months ago I look on the role of live reviews editor for For Folk’s Sake. As part of this I had the idea of starting up a series of live sessions.

I’ve added a Panasonic GX8 to my camera bag. Firstly, this is to supplement for gig photography, replacing the E-M5 with my current X100S + 2 x MFT arrangement and ultimately allowing a 3 x MFT bag when lenses allow. Secondly, I’ve been working on a video related project that I’ll describe another time.

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