Starting Live Sessions

Because a man can never have too many hobbies, a few months ago I look on the role of live reviews editor for For Folk’s Sake. As part of this I had the idea of starting up a series of live sessions.

The concept of a session is pretty simple, an artist is recorded playing a few of their songs live. Production quality can vary greatly. The lower end of the scale would be the artists playing in their kitchen filmed on a phone, with the other extreme involves a crew of a dozen people at a visually interesting location with styled lighting, multiple mobile cameras and equally sharp sound. I thought I could aim at something between those two points.

The first two sessions are now online. The first was with Zoe Konez who volunteered for the very experimental first attempt:

This first attempt was "OK". But it highlighted lots of problems which I attempted to correct for session two with A Grave With Name:

I have a few more sessions planed, hopefully they’ll be small increases in production quality each time. At some point I’ll summarise all the things I’ve learned along the way.