Tall Ships Festival 2014

This past weekend was the Tall Ships Regatta and Festival in Greenwich. It was spread over a number of sites in the area including Cutty Sark (packed solid, horrible), Woolwich Arsenal and Canary Wharf.

On the Sunday we went on a night time Thames cruise on the Thalassa. It was a bit of the river we know well, but still a nice trip. Well catered too. Just canapes, but all veggie and lots of them.

As it was a late evening cruise it was really a bit too dark for photography but I took a couple of cameras anyway, in what has become my normal combination of E-M5 with 45/1.8 lens and the Fujifilm X100S. Both cameras were working wide open and at ISO6400.

Of the two the X100S did noticeably better. As an example, here are two similar photos of the Mercedes as we passed. Obviously the different focal lengths give a different effect, but the contrast is better on the X100S, the clarity is better, and it’s just a better photo. Click to enlarge, and inspect.

The X100S also did really well on the fireworks. I didn’t make any changes on the camera, just pointed it in the right direction and it worked. I did get a few usable photos from the E-M5, but I got lots from the X100S.

The X100S really does take a nice photo, I’m still a big fan. I has benefited here from a better sensor but I suspect the lens outperforms the modest Olympus 45 as well. It all makes me wonder if the positivity I have for the X100S would carry over to an X-series ILC. If I wanted a better ~90mm option, then a X-E2 with 56/1.2 is only £200 more than a Panasonic 42.5/1.2 by itself. Canape for thought.