Pocket Money Sessions

On a trial basis I’m offering a limited number of cheap session recordings at my studio in South East London.

These are intended for independent/unsigned artists who want a decent recording of their music along with a basic video for demo or social media purposes. The result should be somewhere between a bedroom recording and a fully professional one.

The basic rate is £40 per song/5 minutes. This project is being run as a fundraising activity for the Rottweiler Rescue Trust, all fees will take the form of a donation directly to them.

To check availability, or to ask about something not covered here, please mail me at studio@duncanmartin.com

What’s included

  • 1 hour studio recording time per song
  • Use of all studio equipment (except digital piano, see below)
  • Simple mixing (levels, EQ, pops, reverb, light compression)
  • Single angle video in high bitrate 4K, YouTube ready (via download)
  • Wav/mp3 audio file (via download)
  • Audio project file (Reaper format, via download)
  • Tea (badly made)


To keep things simple & quick, and therefore affordable, there are some limits on what’s possible:

  • One performer by default (see below)
  • No multi-camera/multi-angle editing
  • The result will be one continuous take, no combining the best bits of each attempt
  • No recording of instruments and vocals as separate takes, i.e. you play and sing at the same time
  • No promotion included. Note, this is a separate project to For Folk’s Sake
  • No location work, only studio recordings
  • Please be aware of the kind of things I normally record, i.e. folky/acoustic

Optional extras

Like a budget airline this is only cheap until you see what I charge for sandwiches. Here are some of the add-ons:

  • Recording an additional musician — £10 per song
  • Adobe Premiere project including all camera footage on your USB stick posted back to you — £10 per visit
  • Additional fixed or hand operated camera. No editing, only makes sense with the USB option above — £10 per song
  • Digital piano — £15 per visit